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[10 May 2004|10:12pm]

since when the fuck was i not the only member of this damn thing?! lol
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Hey, I'm Alex. [07 May 2004|01:08pm]

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Accidentally stumbled into this community, wondered what exactly it was about, then I read the description and thought it was hillarious. And absolutelly brilliant. I've been wanting to start a community but so far, I've no idea what it'd be about, seems you're in the same boat, so I'll just join you. I was thinking of starting a dream diary, actually, but now that I see this I think maybe it'd be best as a community..... I don't know, what do you think?

Anyway, I guess I might as well start with a good first impression. If you like sexy stories that is. I had a girly dream last night about a bit of lovemaking. Now I'm not a girl in real life, but I was in this dream. So, of course, once I woke up I wrote it down, which is what I usually do. So, without futher ado.....

Here goes!Collapse )

Tell me what you think.

The funny thing with that is too that while I was in the dream, I could feel everything at first, but I had a feeling of disbelief, like this shouldn't be happening, maybe I knew I was in a dream and couldn't competelly give in to it, but it was a wonderful feeling. My dream breasts tingled with excitement, but as the dream went I started to lose my sense of touch. I guess it's probably because I'm not a girl and I don't know what it's like to be knee fucked by another chick, lol...... But then I started hearing words, a narration, mind you, in my own voice, of the very text you see above. It was kinda weird, but this happens to a certain degree in real life. I've noticed that everytime I have sex with someone, right after we're done I start hearing my own voice in my head re-telling exactly everything that just happened. Just getting ready to tell other ppl I guess? I don't know. Maybe it's because I've read more erotic stories then I've lived and that's why my mind tries to combine them...... Anyway, I'm rambling, so I'll stop now. It's nice to join you.

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[19 Dec 2003|02:56pm]

look at her but haha i need a tan like that....
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[16 Dec 2003|08:55pm]

yeah this is my community... i am really Dumb aren't i???
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